Friday, July 24, 2009

hello readers.

i'm sorry for the lack of updates here cos i've been blogging at LiveJournal now.
i'm most probably moving it there for now. i will move back if i miss it here. haha.

here's the link. :)

i didn't know the username is used as the name of the website too. so it kinda suck.
anyway, visit and comment there! see you. :)

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Friday, July 03, 2009

exams are over.
needless to say, i screwed up all the papers.

had a terrible headache throughout chem paper and i couldn't concentrate at all. & now that exams are over, i can't even go out cos i've yet to recover. i'm still having this really bad sore throat and it has been 2 weeks. i just hope i'll be fine soon! i'm stuck in the house and i really wanna get out!

please go away you damn sore throat.

sorry, i can't help feeling sad :(

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

swine flu infections include:

- fever
- cough
- runny nose
- sore throat
- body aches
- headache
- chills
- tiredness
- diarrhoea and vomitting

those highlighted symptoms are what i've had or still currently having.
my fever and sore throat have fully recovered yesterday.
but just when i thought i'm okay, i have cough and headache today.

i'm really worried for my exams on tuesday. i can't finish studying at all in this situtation.
and yes, i'm getting really worried if i'm hit with swine flu. if this continues tmr, i might have to head down to the hospital to check.

i really hope i'm okay.
off to rest.


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

since its the last week of holiday, i think i should at least get this blog a lil updated.
i was still hoping for moe to extend our holiday but my hopes were dashed when they announced their decision yesterday. cases are on the rise everyday and i don't get why they chose to resume school. seriously, i don't have enough time to finish my revision for mid years. & this last week is my only chance to redeem myself. :(

i'll just randomly pick out some events to blog about since i'm kinda lagged behind.
on the previous saturday, i met up with jiayan and vanessa to watch

we caught the movie at 1130am?! and the cinema was really empty.
was feeling so tired back then but the movie kinda kept me awake cos of the loud sound effects and sudden scenes that made my heart almost popped out. Mrs Ganush in the movie was freaking hell scary but compared to her real self, it's so much of a difference!

Lorna Raver Vs. Mrs Ganush.

actually i found another close up photo of Mrs Ganush but it was quite disturbing when i stared at her for long. so yeah. hahaha. anyway, the movie was really not bad (even for people like me who dont watch horror) and there are scenes which are funny as well. so watch it if you haven't do so!

so after the movie, we went to have lunch and tried to study at carl's jr.
obviously it wasn't a successful attempt cos i was about to knock out anytime.
alright, photos below!

and last monday, it's peiming's birthday celebration at her house.

played cards, l4d, webcam, facebook and all.
i guess even a simple celebration like this would be fun when you are tgt with the best company. here's two gifs wt made from the photos we took from the webcam.
major unglamness!

& you can laugh all you want.

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY PEIMING, friend for 9 years and counting! :)

on the day before her birthday, we went to support xuanhan at SCH for AC's CO concert. my interest for CO really dropped to zero, so most of the time i was just taking photos.

there are raymond's bday celebration and buffet with sand, vinc & huixian to blog about as well. but i'm just too lazy and i need to get down to mugging soon. photos are on facebook anyway.

oh yeah. i'll help debbie's friends advertise their new blog shop.
please support

okay, i'll shall end it here. guess i'll be back blogging after midyears.
good luck to everyone. mug hard. :)

it's like a beautiful dream.

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

first week of holiday is going to be over soon.
have been going out these few days and not done any revision yet. =X
my parents are really giving me hell, so i better start my study session tmr.

on thursday, i went out with emo fam and christine joined us too.
we watched night at the museum 2 at the cathay!

many people preferred the first movie but i thought this one was not bad too.
at least there are some scenes which are funny and kept us laughing.

after the movie, we went to have lunch at astons! and the queue was really short. :D

went back after lunch while some of them continued shopping.
was feeling really tired back then.

for the next day, some of us in the class went to celebrate colin's 18th birthday.
had dinner at astons (AGAIN) but the food was still nice. (that's how my money was spent finish quickly within two days). AND this time the queue was so long unlike the previous day, but we got ourselves seats in just a short moment. :)

after dinner, we walked to istana park and played a drinking game colin taught us.
we all drank quite a bit and denise&colin got quite high, but colin is more of an extreme case. he started laughing while lying on the ground all of a sudden and said all sorts of stuffs that made us laugh like crazy. (like wanting to pee in the bush and driving a helicopter back home) it was seriously damn funny. anyway, we all decided to go home after some time, and so reuben, clarine and i cabbed with colin to send him home first.

happy 18th birthday again, colin!
hope you had a fun day. :)

i'm lazy to blog about the weekend so, i'll just stop here. :D
okay, my mum is scolding me for not studying again. 3 more weeks to go!
Let's get it started (ha), let's get it started in here.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

it's the start of holiday!
finally done with shooting camp and make up lessons.
now i'll be able to enjoy and make good use of the rest of the days.

yesterday was spent with sand and queenie in town for lunch after my chem tut. ate at sakura halal restaurant (seriously i only know about sakura international buffet) and the serving is way too lil to feed my stomach. thanks to sand for her portion as well. :D anyway, we walked around in town to search for someone's bday present before i left to catch the movie


it's kinda hilarious! tho it gets a lil boring at the later part of the show.
still, not a bad movie i thought. watch it if you haven't do so! :)

today, i woke up damn sleepy and was reluctant to go for econs lecture.
bathed, changed and left the house to take bus to school. by the time i boarded the bus, it was already 8am and i decided to alight halfway since there's no point going for lecture one hour late. the funny thing was jiayan and the rest who were already in school called to say they wanted to skip lecture as well. so, i went to westmall's mac and waited almost one hour for them to reach and have breakfast tgt before going to my house for our econs project.

most of the time we were just playing and slacking while alicia did the work. (you're the best man momo). ordered kfc and watched some ghost encounter show jiayan brought over. the whole time we were just screaming and shouting (jiayan's voice can bring the whole house down) for nobody's business while debbie stared at her chicken and didn't dare to look at the screen. it was damn funny throughout the session, seriously. hahaha.

ok so after the show, we continued with the project (or rather alicia) while the rest of us played with the webcam's camera and camwhored. i've got like 100 over photos in the folder so i'm just collaging some into one. haha.

it's damn fun to work with them today. just couldn't stop laughing.

alright, off to sleep now. getting really tired and i don't have to wake up early for lessons anymore! meeting clas, evelyn, queenie and jon tmr. :)


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Friday, May 29, 2009

geog and gp were screwed up, yeah as usual.
i'm pinning my hopes on the rest of the papers, which are like harder to study and score.
oh well, that's a joke. anyway, chem spa after gp paper was fine, fortunately. but all those memorising for the H1 papers really killed most of my brain cells.

met waeting after the long day of exams today for pizza hut!
being students are way cool, we have like the best cheap student meals.
(not for the studies part lah, duh.)

okay, i'm feeling damn tired now cos i haven't been catching much sleep these days.
AND when i thought i could get some rest after all the late nights,
there's shooting camp tmr and sunday. kill me.

alright, off to pack my bag. bye.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

i'm legal.

i can't express how thankful i am to every single one of you who wished, celebrated and spent my birthday with me. the past two days were really memorable and all i can say is i'm truly appreciative of what you guys have done for me. thanks a million! :)

so on friday, t33 celebrated my birthday for me after school.
thank to xinmei, aytyng and junhua for buying the cake!

after being taupoked and 'raped' and written all over by the class guys, emo fam called me to meet them. they passed me my birthday present and we left to have lunch at pastamania in town! thanks evelyn, clas, queenie and jon for the present!

i'm rich now with so much money.

after lunch, i went back home to rest and prepared myself to meet the rest at dhoby ghaut. about half of the class could make it for the dinner at the glasshouse's fish&co. thanks guys! everyone wore damn formal that day, and colin & me both agreed that all the girls looked pretty hahahaha.

anyway, thanks to jiayan, alicia, debbie & hilda (you girls planned it and i know it was not easy! i'm really thankful.) And thanks to the rest for turning up as well, esp it's so close to mid years now! okay, photos shall do the talking now. got them from jiayan and facebook.

with debbie, jiayan, steph, pok, denise & colin.

pw CJ160, the four sleeping beautys and 985 gang below!

you guys rock.

some of them left after the dinner and some left at the esplanade,
so the remaining of us walked to clarke quay for drinking!

by that time it's past 12.00am and i'm officially 18!
went to drink in one pub and they ordered waterfall for me. (some alcohol on fire)
your can see the video on my facebook profile, debbie uploaded it. i swear it's damn embarrassing to the max. & my head was actually spinning for a lil bit some time after drinking that. hahaha.

thank you guys for paying the drinks for me.
(notice colin's face was damn red)

after the drinking session, colin, clarine, jit and me cabbed back since we all stayed arnd the same area. the taxi uncle was funny and nice cos he said he was worried for me (colin told him i drank alot) when i asked him to drop me by the roadside. hahaha.

oh. and i opened the present some of them bought for me.
and jiayan asked me to take a photo of the card she bought, so here is it.

yes, i like it. thank you!
(alicia, jiayan, debbie, vanessa, hilda, clara, steph, nat, raymond, xinmei, aytyng)
and also the rest of t33 for the wishes in the card.

lastly, i still want to thank all who turned up and celebrated for me.
(jiayan, alicia, hilda, debbie, pok, grace, val, reuben, jityong, colin, clarine, nat, steph, clara, vanessa, xinmei, aytyng, denise, donna!

as for yesterday which was my actual bday, i went out with the usual clique and they celebrated for both xuanhan and me cos his bday is just one week after mine. photos below!

the cake they D-I-Y for us.
thank you waeting, peiming, ninet, sebastian.

peiming left after dinner & arcade and the rest of us went to BB countryclub.
wanted to bowl but the lanes were all filled, so we spent almost 2 hours talking, rotting, laughing and camwhoring. hahaha.

thanks guys for spending the day with me!

there's alot more photos and are all on facebook.
i've spent hours making these collages and blogging. i think it's time i stop!
i haven't study and do any hw this whole weekend and thr's geog test tmr and mid years the following week. uh, kill me.

but still, i think it's worth it cos i enjoyed the weekend. haha. thank you everyone!
alright, time to go. my family's gonna celebrate my bday and a belated mother's day tgt. bye!

and now i can say: I"M EIGHTEEN. kick ass!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

yawn. my eyes are closing soon.
don't know why but i'm feeling very tired now.

anyway, i just came back home after watching wolverine and having dinner with nett and wt. didn't watch the previous X-men movies but i think this one is great! call me lagged, but i'm gonna watch the previous movies when i've got the time to. now it's the period for hardcore mugging! (ok, i haven't start. told you it's not going to last)

go watch it if you haven't do so!

oh btw, i'm watching the top 3 performances of american idol on youtube now.
i think kris allen did a great job. he deserve to be placed in the top 2.

alright. gonna take some rest.
oh yar, happy 18th birthday to lanlan and jarad! :)

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ok in the end, i've decided not to go to school today.
good decision! cos my parents bought some nice breakfast back in the morning. :D
anyway, i've made the day quite productive (compared to the weekend) cos i finished my homework (at last!). gonna study later to make up for the wasted time the previous days!

(trust me, that only gonna last till i click the publish post)

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i think i'm suffering from insomnia.
i can't sleep from god know reasons and i'm here to blog.
maybe there's too many things on my mind right now. oh well.
and i don't know whether should i go to school like in 4 hours time? hm.

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